The Liberty Hill Police Department is committed to unbiased policing in all of its encounters between officers and any person.  It is the policy of this department to police in a proactive manner and to investigate suspected violations of law.  Officers actively enforce local, state and federal laws in a responsible and professional manner, without regard to race, ethnicity or national origin.  Officers are strictly prohibited from engaging in racial profiling.  Racial profiling is an unacceptable practice and will not be tolerated.  The Department will accept complaints from any person who believes he or she has been stopped or searched based on racial, ethnic or national origin profiling.  No person will be discouraged, intimidated or coerced from filing a complaint, nor discriminated against because he or she filed such complaint.  Complaint forms are available in the lobby of the Police Department or you may request one by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Chief Williams
P.O. Box 1414
Liberty Hill, TX 78642